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As a graduate of the renowned Permanent Cosmetics Institute in Los Angeles, CA, Rick is able to offer his clients the ultimate in permanent cosmetic application.

Rick received his permanent cosmetic certification under the direction of Ms. Sherry Hackett, Founder and Director of PCI.

With this exceptional training, as well a background in art and many years as a representative to the medical profession, Rick is able to perform procedures using the highest standards of sterility and precise technique.


EYEBROWS can be filled in using tiny, "hair-like" strokes to add a subtle, beautiful look to your existing brow, or for those with light or nonexistent brows. Specially blended colors are used to create the perfect shape and look you desire

EYELINER is applied at the base of your lash line giving your lashes a fuller appearance. Thickness and color are your choice.

LIPLINER AND FULL LIP COLOR are a favorite! An uneven lip line can be corrected and the appearance of fuller lips can be created with lipliner. Full lip color can be applied in a variety of shades from a natural hue to a more vivid color . . . the choice is yours.

All procedures are performed using the highest quality color pigments available. These colors are custom blended for each client to achieve each individual's desired result.

Although pain tolerance varies from person to person, the use of topical anesthetics helps to reduce any discomfort.

Rick may be reached at:

About Face

Telephone: (208) 938-0168

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